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See "Modifying the LEDs - Boosting the Visual Impact"

A highly modified version of the Electroluminescent receiver using Super-Bright LEDs, rotary switching and CDROM tuning (CD is missing). The Product Detector diodes were replaced with Super-Brights Blues (the cluster of four at the front of the top board). Optional AADE DFD2 and plastic S-meter are shown.

Receiver with no modifications to the LEDs. This is the way the kit would look built with all the kit LEDs - all bright Reds. Extras included with this build are the 50ma S-meter and the AADE DFD2 frequency counter.

An early prototype with solder mask on the boards giving them a green color. The LEDs that could be changed out without modifying any circuits were changed to Super-Bright LEDs. Shows the extra plastic S-meter back lighted with a small Super-Bright blue LED.

A homebrew case for the receiver that uses 3/4" aluminum angle, mirrors, and plexiglass front and top. Optional AADE DFD2 and plastic S-meter are shown.

This receiver was built as a special project for NT5W. It shows a side-by-side construction. This type of construction makes diagnosis and modifications easier. With all the LEDS exposed it is also a very bright version. The Blue LEDs are a special smoked lens type that are much easier to view than the SuperBright Blue LEDs with the clear lens.

The LED frequency counter was a prototype version of a new counter currently being developed for the receiver. Release of the counter should be during the summer of 2008.

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