Bandpass Filters, TV & FM Filter and RF Amplifier

To learn about the Bandpass Filters, read the
Circuit Details - Varicap Tuned Bandpass Filters
before building this section.

Approximate time to complete 1:20


This section uses all the T50-6 (Bag 4) cores in the kit. The wire length will give you plenty of extra on each end. Start with 1" of wire on the end you begin winding.

After winding, scrape the enamel off the wire as close to the toroid as possible and tin with solder. Pre-tinned wires make a good connection on the board.

Wind the coils as follows:

____2 - 8 Turns, wire length 7"
____2 - 15 Turns, wire length 13"
____2 - 29 Turns, wire length 24" - Wind the turns close together for the 29 turns will take up almost all the toroid.

____4 - Blue Relays (Bag 4), Be very careful with the part as the pins are fragile. Do not bend the pins when mounting/soldering to the PCB. Orientation does not matter, inner pins are the coil, outer pins are the relay.

1. Clean and tin the pins with solder before mounting to ensure a good solder joint. The pins can be difficult to solder without pre-tinning.

After tinning, remove any excess solder. Wipe the excess solder to the top of the pin so the pins will fit in the holes. When soldering on the board, the heat will melt the excess solder and the relay will fall against the board.

2. Be sure to mount the relays flush with the board. If mounted slightly off the board, the relay will flex back and forth while handling the board, and break the pins between the relay and PCB.

Solder one pin to the PCB, then hold the relay against the top side of the PCB and remelt the soldered pin to set the relay against the board. Then solder the other pins.

____5 - 100K resistors (Bag 3) (brown, black, yellow)
____2 - 1 meg (Bag 4), Next to the LEDs at the relays on the right side.
____1 - 100 ohm (Bag 3), (brown, black, brown)

____9 - .01 capacitors (Bag 3)

Note: There is one capacitor next to the text "40/30" that is marked "10". Do not put a .01 in that spot by mistake.

____2 - .001 caps (Bag 5)
____2 - 820pf Mica caps (Bag 5), Below the MV2115's on the 20/17 Filter. Bend the leads on the caps 90 degrees before putting on the board so you can get them to lay flat. These caps need to be laid flat on the board so they do not get in the way of the Infra-red light that activates the Photodiode. Brown colored, large size, marked "820 +/- 2%, 300V SAHA" or "CM06FD, 821J03" or "820 5%, 300V".
Ones with short leads, put in standing up as they have a slightly shorter profile. After soldering, bend down at a 45 degree angle.
____1 - 3.3pf NPO (Bag 4), Located at the text 20/17. Orange colored, small square, leads flared out, labeled "3R3 D", or short leads, grey with black top, labeled "3R3" (R looks like a P).
____1 - 10pf NPO (Bag 5), Located at the text 40/30. Small round capacitor, black top, labeled "10", or Orange colored, teardrop, labeled "100, A1J".

____3 - 1N914 diodes (Bag 4), Black band, be sure to match the band on the diode to the band on the footprint, one on each end of the filters near the middle of the board.
Bend the leads about 1/8" away from the body of the diode for easy insertion into the PCB.
____2 - VN0106N3 (Bag 2), static sensitive part, touch a ground wire before removing from the bag. Match the flat of the component to the flat on the footprint. Spread the outside leads slightly to fit the footprint. Marked "SI N, 0106, 8302".
____2 - IRFU220 (Bag 2), Note thick white line on footprint, the heat sink of the part goes over the thick white line on the footprint. Marked "FU220, IR 625T,32 03"

____2 - IREDs (Bag 4), Smoky colored, on a cardboard strip, do not cut the leads off the strip, tear the IR LEDs off the strip and clean the bottom of the leads. Mount as high as possible, then aim to the appropriate photo receiver. They are located to the right of the output relays on the left.
____2 - MV2115 (Bag 5), Be sure to match the flat of the component to the flat on the footprint. Flat of part is colored light blue, marked "MMV 2115".
____2 - MV1662 (Bag 5), Be sure to match the flat of the component to the flat on the footprint. Flat of part has a red line on top and a white line on the bottom, no markings on part, two leads flared out halfway down.
____2 - LEDs (Bag 3), Red color, at the left side of the relays on the right. Match flat of the LED to the footprint. The short lead is on the same side as the flat. Note: If you ordered the Super Bright LEDs, they can replace these LEDs. Use different colors so band identification will be easy. See Modifying the LEDs.
____2 - Photodiodes (Phototransistors) (Bag 4), Small square part with a tiny bubble on one side. Be sure to match the bubble on the part to the bubble on the footprint. Mount as high as possible straight up.

____1 - 100K Panel Mount Potentiometer (Bag 6), The three holes labeled "Filter Tune" should accept the pins of the potentiometer supplied with the kit.

____2 - 1K (Bag 3), On both sides of the Filter Tune pot. Do not solder at this time.

Push the Filter Tune Pot through the holes, bend the end tabs over, pull the resistor almost out of their holes, and run the leads through the hole in the tabs. Then bend the resistor wires over to secure pot against the bottom of PCB.

Solder and clip the leads. On the left hand tab, solder will flow into the hole of the tab, but not so much that it flows onto the ground plane. Then clip the end of the tab to prevent a short to ground. Solder other 1K resistor leads.

Install Filter Tune Wire from Filter Tune Pot to Filter Tune Circle and 12 Volt Wire to Tune Pot

____1 - SPDT Miniature PC Mount switch (Bag 5), There is a switch footprint in front of the Bandpass Filter. There are two hole patterns. Mount the switch in the holes that fit the switch in Bag 5.
____2 - .01 capacitors (Bag 3)

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